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5 Reasons Your Business Should Invest in Mobility Management Services

91% of businesses surveyed have plans to offer mobile apps so employees can access company info from their mobile devices. These apps are one aspect of the mobility management services you can take advantage of to create a remote workplace.

Are these mobility management services worth the investment though? If you want to allow employees access on the go while securing company data yes.

What is Mobility Management?

Mobility management services allow companies to secure data on employee mobile phones. This security can take many forms depending on the security needs of your business. You can encrypt data or create password access only.

You can also allow more connectivity across employee devices. This allows you to keep employees updated no matter where they are.

Why Use EMM Services?

42% of businesses actively use mobility management systems. These EMM services keep you in control of what employees access. Mobility management services also allow you to protect your company from hackers while allowing mobile access.

1. Create a Global Workplace

With mobility management services you can open up opportunities to grow your business. This allows you to hire remote workers and provide access to needed company systems.

Employees can access their work-stations wherever they are. You can allow access to contact info and email so even in-house employees can work when they're out of the office.

2. Share Company Data and Content

Whether you provide company phones or provide access to apps from employee phones you can provide access to needed data. If you ensure that proper security policies are in place you can securely share data with these employees only.

You can also assign levels of access for different files. This ensures only the people who need to see the information have access to it.

3. Secure Company Data

Mobility management services allow you to secure company data from outside breaches. You can also put security measures in place in case a phone is stolen or lost.

You can encrypt apps so the information isn't accessible. You can even wipe company data from the missing phone.

4. Location Management

With mobility security in place you can see where people access a company phone or app. This offers another level of security in case of a lost or stolen phone.

Location management also helps you ensure employees are following security policies. This also helps with troubleshooting in case of issues with company apps.

5. Manage Company Devices Remotely

Remote management works in two ways. With mobile device management you can manage all company-owned devices. With mobile application management you can control company apps on an employee-owned device.

Whichever you need you can keep tabs on mobile or app use for your employees. You can make devices and apps password-protected so you know who's using the systems. This also allows you to manage any issues with the device access.

Find the Right Services for Your Business

Mobility management uses cloud-based services so you can keep tabs on your employees and their productivity. You have many options depending on your business needs.

If you're ready to take advantage of the benefits of mobile management check out more information about the mobility management services available.

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