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Keeping You Safe Online: 5 Cybercrime Trends to Watch for in 2021

If there's one interesting thing that came out of 2020, it's the new work-from-home economy, highlighting a shift towards telecommuting as part of the 'new normal.' This shift, while beneficial, raises questions about the safety of business operations, especially with the rise in cybercrime trends in 2021. For those working from home, it's crucial to stay informed about internet security best practices and online safety tips to protect against the increasing threat of cybercrime, ensuring your business doesn't inadvertently leave the back door open for nefarious criminals. Stay ahead by understanding these evolving cybercrime trends and implementing robust security measures.


1. DDoS Attacks

If you're not new to cybersecurity then you already know about DDoS attacks. A distributed denial-of-service attack overwhelms your server by overloading it with traffic. Some traffic may be real hackers while others are bot armies.
These security threats have been around for years but they're getting more powerful. Don't make the mistake of neglecting to include them as a serious threat in 2021.

2. Ransomware

Imagine if a hacker scooped up all your business's data including customer information. Then the nefarious actor demands payment if you ever hope to see your data again.
This situation's called ransomware. Hackers targeted hospitals schools and even city governments this year. Due to their success you can expect attacks to increase next year. Experts say ransomware attacks could happen every 11 seconds throughout 2021.

3. AI-Fueled Attacks

We've all dreaded the day that technology turns against us. For some of us that day's already arrived. Artificial intelligence (AI) is now getting used to fuel cybercrime attacks.
These attacks are more sophisticated so you need to ensure you're prepared.

4. Deepfake Videos and Fake Accounts

Deepfake videos are an emerging threat. This technology allows criminals to create fake content using your image. It's almost impossible to distinguish a real video from a deepfake.
In the same way criminals are creating fake social media accounts to impersonate you.

5. Encryption-Cracking Supercomputers

Supercomputers are more than high-powered machines in 2020. Today's supercomputers have moved into the quantum realm. These computers can now solve calculations and codes faster than we'd ever imagined.
The problem with this is that supercomputers can now break most encryption codes. Don't believe us? Google's latest computer has the potential to break Bitcoin encryption in only seconds!
Right now it's assumed that criminals don't have access to this type of tech. Like all things it will fall into the wrong hands at some point. Use this information to update your threat management plan today.

Cybercrime trends in 2021

This indicates that cybercrime never stops, so don't expect this year to be any different. In fact, you should prepare yourself and your business for an increase in attacks, armed with online safety tips and adhering to internet security best practices. The pandemic has only heightened our vulnerability to such crimes, making it crucial to stay informed and proactive in our defense strategies.

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