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What Is an Enterprise Collaboration System? Here Are the Basics

Communication is key to running a business small or large. With team members being spread out and as the world grows wider and wider enterprise collaboration continues to grow in importance in order to keep a strong business going.

We illustrate here many of the benefits and a collection of some of the best tools that can keep your team and ultimately your business working at its best.

Benefits of Utilizing Enterprise Collaboration

Business is and always will be  a numbers game. So anything that can improve the numbers will be taken as a success. The use of enterprise collaboration tools continues to drive these numbers in a positive direction

Cut Costs

Keeping traveling expenses down is a huge benefit that businesses recognize early on. General operational costs are down alongside as files and information can easily be shared remotely.

Streamline Processes

The ease of sharing knowledge and collaborating on the material within both the internal team as well as the external team will allow for a far quicker development process and far quicker project times overall.

Drive Innovation

"Two brains are better than one" Collaborative research fostered ideas are more openly shared and more easily shared. With decisions being made more quickly it allows for more ideas being developed.

Increase Competitive Advantage

Expanding the abilities of all departments through increased collaborative resources will strengthen the company as a whole. The teams will work as a cohesive unit rather than disparate parts.

The resources of one team can be considered the resources of many.

Retain and Draw Talent

With strong collaborative tools it is far easier to allow for remote workers. This will draw in an extra pool of workers. A strong emphasis on collaboration and the valued input of all workers is something employees seek out.

Maximize Results

All of these factor into the business maximizing both its time and its cash flow. More can be done with the same amount of investment if not less. 

Top Enterprise Collaboration Tools

Amongst the countless ECT there is a handful that stands out for simply the amount of features they have or the ease of usage and the manner that they can integrate into countless other platforms dropbox and google drive for example.

  • Teamwork

  • Wrike

  • Basecamp

  • Asana

  • Podio 

Beyond these the most well known and top used is Slack. The ease of live communication and file sharing within the application has made it one of the most popular of the tools.

In combination with enterprise collaboration tools a strong strategy to take is utilizing a hosted exchange server. 

Because they share amongst the entire company it makes for easy connection and syncing with entire teams with co-authoring of documents and email.

Communicate Manage and Succeed

Businesses have to remember if their team can't communicate the team can't collaborate. With that in mind the best enterprise collaboration tools are chosen. There is a tool for all environments to communicate share and manage.

Understanding the system was the first step and now identifying the needs of the team is the next. With collaborative systems in place mobile device management can aid in flexibility even further. 

Take a look at how services offered can help you and your business today.

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