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Why You Should Never Be Without Small Business IT Services: A Guide

Did you know that 64% of workers can work from their homes?

That's according to the 2021 Gartner CIO Survey that looks at the impact that COVID-19 lockdown measures and work-from-home mandates have had.

According to the survey more than three-quarters of knowledge workers now expect hybrid work environments to be the norm going forward. That will require businesses to revisit policies and solutions to reduce possible risks.

But does your company need small business IT services? You might think that your company is too small to need this option. Consider however that the SBA Office of Advocacy says small businesses make up 99.7% of U.S. businesses.

While you may run a small business consisting of only a few people or perhaps even just yourself consider the benefits of getting IT services help.

Here's a look at some of the primary benefits of getting the help you require.

Small Business IT Services Can Save You Money

If you have a small business but don't have anyone on your payroll with IT skills then it can make sense to find a provider of IT business services.

Doing so can work out to be less expensive than having to hire one or more additional workers. And the cost of outsourcing this vital responsibility can be cheaper than the cost stemming from the fallout if there's ever a data breach.

Hiring an IT service provider will give your company the protection it needs.

Now's Not the Time to Let Down Your Guard

Hackers tend to focus their nefarious efforts on small businesses. They understand that the average small business won't implement security measures that are tough enough to serve as deterrents.

But if you retain the services of an IT company the service provider will ensure your corporate networks and your staff are protected. This is all the more critical now that many companies have their staff working from home

Safeguard Your Corporate Reputation

Statistics showing the negative impact of data breaches might keep you up at night. The potential financial and reputational risks on the heels of a data breach nightmare are enough to warrant hiring an IT services company. 

When you find a service provider that offers managed IT services you'll install confidence in your customer base. They want to know that their confidential information is protected from the many cyber threats out there.

If your company is on the receiving end of a successful cyber attack your clients could lose confidence in your business and your brand. 

Receive Expert Consultation

Hiring a managed IT service company is also about getting expert consultation. The IT professionals working at the service provider understand the cyber security landscape inside and out. You'll get answers to your questions. 

With the right help in your corner you'll be able to make informed decisions.

IT Services Are a Must

If you operate a small business then you need small business IT services. The only question is this -- which provider of managed IT will you hire?

We're your local provider of IT services and solutions. You can count on us for all your IT services needs. We offer technical support network monitoring information security and more. Call us to learn how we can help.

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