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In-House vs. Managed IT Services: Which Is Better?

Are you intimidated by the concept of outsourcing IT? Are you worried the services will be inferior too expensive or both?

The good news is that a professional IT company like Alura is going to deliver on what they promise and at an affordable rate.

Why Not Go In-House?

When discussing the value of managed IT services we should first compare it to the most common alternative: in-house IT. 

In-house IT has its benefits. A well-trained well-funded in-house IT team offers a lot of versatility and direct control.

The problem is that such a team is going to be expensive. You can only scale down an IT team so much. Eventually there is a loss in efficacy that erases the benefits that might cause you to go with that option in the first place.

With millions of incidents of cybercrime being committed each year you cannot afford to have a weak IT team. The wrong attack committed against a vulnerable network could set a company back tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost work reduced client trust and potential lawsuits.

The Benefits of Managed IT Services

Managed IT services allow a company to benefit from a well-trained and fully equipped team at a sharply reduced rate compared to going in-house. 

Outsourcing IT also allows you to reduce the amount of time and energy your company needs to put into managing its network. With a company like ours focusing on that aspect of your business you can afford (both financially and in terms of time) to focus elsewhere.

This is important because cybercrime can be strange and ever-evolving. Your company cannot afford to be vulnerable to attack. If you acknowledge in-house IT isn't a good option for your company you still need a security team.

Cybercriminals are skilled and hardworking even if that work is unethical. They seek out vulnerable networks to exploit. Never assume your company is too small or obscure to become a target.

Managed IT helps make sure your network security evolves to meet the most modern of security standards. You gain the ability to repel all but the strongest of cyberattacks and even if an attack should succeed a much better ability to reduce its potential impact.

For Managed IT and More

If you're interested in hiring managed IT services for your company consider Alura. Our team of professionals work around the clock to keep our clients safe all while priding ourselves in our rapid response times and customer-centric approach to security.

Moreover if you like the idea of managed IT but also want your own team we can still help! Check out the co-managed IT services for a blended approach to IT that helps you get the best of in-house and managed IT without breaking the bank.

Our technological expertise and extensive experience allow us to work with virtually any system enabling you to meet your specific goals and objectives–no matter how complex they may be. We pride ourselves on offering sophisticated solutions that other smaller IT firms simply cannot offer outfitting your company with a reliable support system as your needs expand and evolve. Alura Business Solutions provide services including but not limited to: Carrier Solutions Bandwidth Solutions Phone Solutions Wiring Solutions Client Access IT Solutions
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