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Three Reasons Why Network Monitoring is Important

If you manage an office you likely rely on a network for many of your daily tasks. This network allows your computers and devices to share data and documents. It also provides convenient communication and the use of digital applications. 

In short this network gives your office the ability to run efficiently. One of the dangers to your productivity and security can be network vulnerabilities. 

That's why network monitoring plays such a critical role. Without a network monitor your system becomes vulnerable to several threats.

What kinds of threats you ask? If that's your question you've come to the right place! We'll explore three reasons why network monitoring is crucial to businesses in the guide below.

1. Network Monitoring Can Prevent Outages

The last thing a company wants to hear is that its network is down. When this happens it can cause widespread losses in productivity. This downtime then affects your revenue.

So what causes an IT outage? Often this can occur because of human error issues in configuration and environmental factors like storms. Sometimes the three converge to cause significant problems. 

Fortunately an outage doesn't have to strike your company. Instead you can use network monitoring tools to prevent this downtime from occurring.

Network monitoring grants you increased visibility over your network. With this advantage you can stay ahead of potential problems. 

2. Manage Growing Networks with a Network Traffic Monitor

Today businesses have gone more digital than ever before. The rise of COVID-19 and subsequent lockdowns caused many companies to adopt remote work strategies

Many companies expanded their networks to include additional laptops tablets etc. to accommodate these strategies. As networks grow in complexity the chances for downtime or security threats increase.

As such businesses need an expert network monitor to oversee the growth. This expert (or team of experts) can use the best network monitoring tools available to oversee your system. This way your network can grow with a reduced threat of security breaches or outages. 

3. Network Monitoring Can Identify Security Threats

Not all businesses can budget for top-grade intrusion detection software. However this isn't the only way to protect your network from invasive activity. 

Instead standard network monitoring practices can help to secure your business against data breaches. This way you can ensure your business-critical data remains guarded.

The first level of security comes from a network monitoring tool. This tool gives you insight into what a standard performance looks like for your network. As a result it becomes easier to spot any activity that's out of the ordinary. 

For example the tool can monitor network traffic for any unanticipated spikes. From there a network monitor can drill into the spike to see what's causing it. 

Outsourcing Network Monitoring

Network monitoring plays a critical role for businesses across the world. Having a network monitor can secure your organization against any potential threats. 

However there's another way to ensure your network remains safe. Instead of devoting your personnel to this task outsource your monitoring needs to us!

We provide top-notch network monitoring services with an expert team of specialists. Our full-time job is making sure your company's system stays operational leaving you free to do your job. If this excites you contact us today to learn more!

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