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Is Your Business Safe From Cyber Criminals?

Over $4 billion of business revenue was lost to cyber criminals in 2020 according to a recent study by the FBI. Cyber criminals have the potential to devastate your organization and ruin your operations.

If you are worried about cybercrime now is the time to focus on increasing your firm's cybersecurity. Digital threats come in many forms and you need to be prepared to combat all of them.

From phishing to data breaches cyber crimes represent a new form of threat for your business to watch out for. Read on to learn how your business could be affected by a cyber attack.

Common Scams of Cyber Criminals

The first step in making sure that your business is secure from cyber crime is to know what some common cyber criminal actions are. The following are some common scams to watch out for so your business can stay safe.


Phishing is a form of fraud in which a cyber criminal poses as a legitimate entity and sends out emails in pursuit of sensitive information. Your employees or organization as a whole may be targets.


Hacking is the process in which a cyber criminal gains access to secure channels within your organization. They may manipulate code install viruses or breach your system in a variety of different ways.

Data Breaches

A data breach is when a cyber criminal gains access to the secure information your company holds dear. This can be things such as financial reports or employee information.

A good start to avoid data breaches is to use email encryption and other forms of encryption for all of your company's important information.

Corporate Espionage

In essence corporate espionage is when a cyber criminal shadows and records your company's digital movements. A rival corporation or entity may contract them.

The main purpose of corporate espionage is to figure out evolving strategies your company has. The real-time analysis of your company's digital habits makes this different from a data breach.

What to Do About Cyber Criminals

Cyber criminals are getting more crafty in these desperate times. If you notice some potential illicit cyber activities happening you need to take the following steps.

Educate Employees

Your employees are on the front lines in the war against cyber crime. Educate them about common scams how to avoid phishing and how to engage in safe practices online. Practices like two-factor authentication are a good start.

Call Law Enforcement

The FBI and other forms of law enforcement are always trying to prosecute cybercriminals. You should notify them as soon as you think you may be a victim.

Increase Cybersecurity

You need to take appropriate security measures to ensure that your company is safe from cyber criminals. You should seek outside help from a professional to learn how to do this.

Keep Cyber Criminals at Bay

Cyber criminals are a major threat to any economic interest nowadays. As a leader in your industry you need to be able to combat these threats appropriately.

Make your business safe from cyber crime by contacting our team today. We can help you mitigate any potential cyber criminals and keep your digital footprint secure.

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